About TOBB


Dear Entrepreneurs,

As The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), the peak of the Turkish business world, we serve our 1,5 million members in 81 provinces and 160 counties with our Chambers, Commodity Exchanges and Sectoral Assemblies. We have assumed responsibility and duty both geographical and sectoral as the principal representation mechanism of our business world. As TOBB, our main mission is to enhance economic growth, increase the competitiveness of our members and improve our country’s business and investment environment. Since 1952, TOBB has the signature under almost every legal regulation that shall open the way for Turkish private sector.

Thanks to our wide domestic network, we even follow up the problems of our smallest members and we develop solutions for these problems. We then become the ones who follow up on the solutions to these problems through public-private consultation mechanisms. We are working on the reform areas that the business world needs. We are working with our government to realize these reforms.

As one of Turkey’s largest non-governmental organizations, we invest in the future of our country not only in the business world but also in the fields of education and social responsibility. In addition to all these, we represent the Turkish business world in the best possible way in the international arena and we become their voice and protect their rights. We are the spokesman for the Turkish entrepreneur by taking part in the boards of nearly all the global business world organizations. In this book, we present TOBB through a brief summary of the services which we provide to our business world. You can access all the information which you need to keep your business going, from access to finance to the applications that facilitate exports, to the quick resolution of disputes from qualified employees. Having achieved a great transformation in the last 35 years,

Turkey will reach its economic goals with the dynamism and determination of success of our private sector and hopefully it will become one of the leading countries of the world. TOBB which believes in the future of its country and knows the potential of the Turkish entrepreneur; as in the past, will continue to work incessantly and with unending excitement to move the Turkish private sector forward.


President of TOBB

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