International Universal Exhibition-Fair «TAJIKISTAN-2019»

General Secretariat of ECO CCI presents its best compliments to the Honorable Member Chambers and would like to inform that the International Universal Exhibition-Fair «TAJIKISTAN-2019» scheduled to be held from 28 to 31 March 2019 at State Complex "Kohi Borbad" Dushanbe Republic of Tajikistan.The event is organized by the Chamber of commerce and industry of Republic of Tajikistan and supported by the Government of Republic of Tajikistan.

Main Sectors of the exhibition as follows:

∙           Energy, Hydropower. Power equipment and technologies;
∙           Mining (machinery and equipment for the processing of precious and semi-precious metals);
∙           Machinery;
∙           Metal, Metal-working equipment;
∙           Chemical industry. Mineral fertilizers. Household chemicals.
∙           Agriculture (agricultural machinery, spare parts, equipment, processing of agricultural products, veterinary medicines and equipment for drip irrigation);
∙           Agro-industrial complex. Food industry: (technologies and equipment);
∙           Equipment for a public catering and trade;
∙           Construction: construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, houses. Construction materials, construction, municipal, road, career equipment. The equipment on processing of local raw materials for production of building materials.
∙           Wood and Woodworking;
∙           Light industry. Equipment for the processing of cotton, cocoon, wool, leather and recycled materials;
∙           Medicine, pharmaceutics (technologies and equipment for processing of medicinal herbs), medical equipment, optics, stomatology, orthopedic production, prosthetics;
∙           Information technologies and telecommunications;
∙           Transport and logistics;
∙           Autoparts, accumulators, tires;
∙           Banking services, technologies and equipment;
∙           Safety,  survival equipments and fire protection;
∙           Equipment and technologies forjewelry production;
∙           Packaging, Tare,  Label and Polygraphy;
∙           Equipments for the production of children's toys and gifts;
∙           House hold goods;
∙           Oil products;
∙           Processing of waste;
∙           Tourism and travel. Spa treatment;
∙           Handicraft

In this regard, It would be highly appreciated if your esteemed Chamber could kindly encourage for the participation of the business people in your country to the International Universal Exhibition-Fair «TAJIKISTAN-2019»

Please do not hesitate to contact at any time with Deputy Chairman Mr. Odil Sangov, Ms. Mirzoshoeva Adolat, Chief Specialist of the Chamber of Commerce of Republic of Tajikistan (734012 Valamadzade street 21, Dushanbe, Tajikistan)
Tel/fax: (+992 37) 227 13 78, cell: (+992 93) 587 71 21.
Email: , ,   or ECO CCI Secretariat. ECO CCI Secretariat  avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the esteemed Chambers the assurances of its highest consideration.

Attachments: Application Form and Information Note of the Exhibition (3-attach)

International Universal Exhibition-Fair TAJIKISTAN 2019

Tajikistan Fair_Participation Conditions 2019

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