Nur-Sultan businessmen establish Zhas Qanat Young Entrepreneur Council

Nur-Sultan hosts a solemn presentation of Zhas Qanat Young Entrepreneur Council, established with the support of Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs.
More than 200 young entrepreneurs of the capital gathered to participate in Zhas Qanat Young Entrepreneur Council presentation and establish business connections with each other.
 “The idea about establishing an independent organization appeared long ago, especially since this year was declared the Year of Youth. We, young entrepreneurs, are constantly in touch with each other via social networks and instant messengers. Many of us have similar paths in doing business: having only two thousand tenge we started food business from home cooking and expanded it to large workshops. We all faced the same problems, solved the same problems. Every entrepreneur needs such a platform to share experience and move on. There is a proverbial wisdom, if you want to go quickly - go alone, if you want to go far - go together,” Ainur Amirkhan, founder of Alayfood company, said.
Ainur Amirkhan is honoured on behalf of the Council to sign the first Memorandum of Cooperation between the Zhas Qanat Young Entrepreneur Council public Fund and Atameken’s branch in Nur-Sultan.
Representatives of the National Chamber presented Zhas Kasіpker project, an educational project for novice and young businessmen.
“The project will be realized both in cities and in all regional centers. This year we plan to train 20 thousand young people,  among 18 to 29-year-olds, in the NEET category. As part of the state Enbek program  youth will be allocated 10 thousand grants of 200 MCI for starting their own business,” Asset Sadvakasov, deputy director of Mass Entrepreneurship and Microfinance Department, said.
Training under Zhas Kasіpker project will last 21 days. During this time, students will get the necessary minimum of theoretical knowledge and advice from practicing business coaches and psychologists, as well as learn how to draw up a business plan for implementing their project.
 “Any business is a cooperation between business entities and people. Today I represent the Nur-Sultan akimat, we will actively cooperate with the Council and support initiatives of young entrepreneurs to encourage such projects, ” Daniyar Yesin, head of the Public Development Department of Nur- Sultan, said.
Also during the presentation there were several master classes from well-known metropolitan businessmen such as founder of A2 supermarket chain, The Shoreditch restaurant, Lepim Varim restaurant Miras Ibraimov, a popular blogger, ambassador of Menim Atamekenim (My Atameken) Tanirbergen Berdongar, founder of Happy cake confectionery chains Askhat Soltanov, owner of Sevil Clinic, Homeproject, Dom Invest Azamat Kappas.