News Archive

# Name Date
1 Hisarcıklıoğlu Attended The EUROCHAMBRES Presidency Meeting 19.09.2019
2 Economic Cooperation Organization Chamber of Commerce and Industry General Assembly held in Istanbul 03.09.2019
3 “Our mutual trade does not suit two sister countries” 03.09.2019
4 Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu elected first President of the Turkic Chamber of Commerce and Industry 02.09.2019
5 Turkic Council Secretary General Amreyev visited TOBB 02.09.2019
6 Hisarcıklıoğlu met with Uzbekistan Deputy Prime Minister Ganiyev 02.09.2019
7 I.R. Iran Ardabil Province hosted 2nd Conference on Health Tourism for ECO Countries 24.06.2019
8 Gholam Hossein Shafei reelected as president of Iran Chamber of Commerce 24.06.2019
9 ECO CCI takes part at Republic of Kazakhstan Early Presidential Election 11.06.2019
10 Cooperation agreement with Tatarstan 20.05.2019
11 Turkic-speaking States established the Joint Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Nur-Sultan 20.05.2019
12 ECO Secretary General’s Visit to Azerbaijan 13.05.2019
13 Minister Aidarbekov and head of Turkish Airlines discuss cooperation 13.05.2019
14 Kyrgyz ambassador to Iran holds talks with ICCIMA president 13.05.2019
15 Kassym-Jomart Tokayev visits Government for Business office in Taldykorgan 13.05.2019
16 Nur-Sultan businessmen establish Zhas Qanat Young Entrepreneur Council 13.05.2019
17 Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic Aidarbekov visited TOBB 08.05.2019
18 TOBB`s 75th General Assembly was held at TOBB ETU 06.05.2019
19 Turkmenistan to host first Caspian Economic Forum 03.05.2019
20 Hisarcıklıoğlu attended the 4th Trade Consultants Conference 03.05.2019
21 Hisarcıklıoğlu met with the Tatarstan President Minnihanov 03.05.2019
22 Hisarcıklıoğlu attended the Turkey Wealth Fund’s Board Meeting 19.04.2019
23 President Erdoğan received Turkey - EU JCC members 17.04.2019
24 International Turkmenistan “Trade and Services 2019” organized in Ashgabat. 17.04.2019
25 Hisarcıklıoğlu attended the EUROCHAMBRES Board meeting 11.04.2019
26 “Negotiations to modernize the Customs Union should begin” 11.04.2019
27 UPDATES of 2nd ECO Confobition (Conference + Exhibition) on Health Tourism as well as the ECO-NGO and Tourism Agencies Meeting (June 18-20, 2019 in Ardabil Province, I.R Iran) 10.04.2019
28 Secretary General of the Turkic Council Baghdad Amreyev, paid a working visit to the Secretariat of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) in Tehran. 09.04.2019
29 Chairman of Nakhchivan Supreme Assembly meets with Tajik Ambassador 09.04.2019
30 The Chairperson of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan meets with Turkmen Ambassador 09.04.2019
31 Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan met Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan 09.04.2019
32 Azerbaijani company eyes implementation of new projects in Uzbekistan 09.04.2019
33 Turkish ministry talks construction of logistics center in Kars 09.04.2019
34 Uzbekistan to help to restore the textile industry of Afghanistan 09.04.2019
35 Uzbekistan - Khorezm region hosted an international investment forum “Invest in Khorezm” 08.04.2019
36 EU Chamber Pairing Projects introduced at TOBB 08.04.2019
37 President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey Met Secretary General of the Turkic Council. 08.04.2019
38 Exhibition and International Conference Trade and Services – 2019 to be held in Ashgabat 08.04.2019
39 Chairman of Turkey`s Grand National Assembly met Kazakh Ambassador in Ankara 05.04.2019
40 Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan exert every effort to implement mutual agreements 05.04.2019
41 Postponement/ Specialized Committee & 26th Executive Committee and 17th General Assembly Meetings in Ankara, Republic of Turkey (16-18 April 2019) 04.04.2019
42 Iran facilitates imports from Kazakhstan 04.04.2019
43 Number of Central Asian companies registered in Turkey increases 04.04.2019
44 Heads of Customs Services of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan hold meeting 03.04.2019
45 Pakistan invites Iran for free trade talks 03.04.2019
46 Foreign Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Turkey discuss cooperation 03.04.2019
47 Prime Minister Novruz Mammadov: There is good potential for developing Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan relations 03.04.2019
48 Prime Minister of Pakistan: Iran-Pakistan railway line to be fully restored 02.04.2019
49 Turkish Ambassador takes part in Book Week at Kyrgyz National Library 02.04.2019
50 Turkish Company intends to participate in implementation of investment projects in Uzbekistan 02.04.2019
51 International Exhibition Tajikistan 2019 organized in Dushanbe 01.04.2019
52 Iranian Energy Minister to chair Iran-Afghanistan Joint Economic Committee 01.04.2019
53 Representatives of Tajik Textile Companies Visited Pakistan 01.04.2019
54 Turkmenistan–Turkey Economic Intergovernmental Commission`s members approved 01.04.2019
55 “We must endeavor to understand digital transformation instead of mystifying it.” 01.04.2019
56 What spheres in Turkey Azerbaijani businessmen invest in? 29.03.2019
57 12th Meeting of the COMCEC Financial Cooperation Working Group 29.03.2019
58 International Law Forum `Tashkent Law Spring` will be held on April 25-27, 2019 in Tashkent 29.03.2019
59 Tashkent International Arbitration Centre (TIAC) is ready for opening 28.03.2019
60 Central Asian region seeks to be main transit connecting East-West, North-South routes 28.03.2019
61 1ST ECO Experts Group Meeting on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) 28.03.2019
62 Schedule of the Specialized Committee & 26th Executive Committee and 17th General Assembly Meetings in Ankara, Republic of Turkey 25.03.2019
63 President of Azerbaijan CCI met Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 25.03.2019
64 Happy Nevruz 21.03.2019
65 Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan will hold the first Business Council Meeting 21.03.2019
66 Uzbekistan CCI hosts a meeting with Turkey’s Ambassador 21.03.2019
67 Kyrgyz Foreign Minister receives Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan 20.03.2019
68 President of Tajikistan received International Monetary Fund (IMF) 20.03.2019
69 I was honored to become First President of independent Kazakhstan - Nazarbayev 19.03.2019
70 Interim Agreement on FTZ signed between the EEU and Iran minimizes risks for Kazakh exporters 19.03.2019
71 Kazakhstani businessmen invited to participate in Trade and Economic Mission in Kazan 19.03.2019
72 Pakistani trade ties with Iran to be facilitated 18.03.2019
73 Kazakhstan showcases its products in Uzbekistan 18.03.2019
74 Iran calls for development of ties with Kazakhstan 18.03.2019
75 The First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan met Kazakhstan delegation 15.03.2019
76 EU supports Uzbekistan’s accession to WTO 15.03.2019
77 Pakistan seeks restoration of Islamabad, Tehran, Istanbul rail network 15.03.2019
78 Kazakhstan approves building trade zone with Iran 15.03.2019
79 Pak PM assures full cooperation to ECO 15.03.2019
80 ECO region could act as bridge between Europe-Asia: Pakistan President 15.03.2019
81 The 5th Meeting of Heads of Reference Maritime Organizations of ECO Member States 15.03.2019
82 Kazakh FM and CCTS Secretary General discuss Turkic Cooperation Organizations reform 15.03.2019
83 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan met Iran MFA representatives 15.03.2019
84 Kyrgyz President to pay official visit to European Union countries and Azerbaijan 15.03.2019
85 Hisarcıklıoğlu attended the International Kindness Awards program 14.03.2019
86 ECO’s Secretary General arrives in Pakistan today 13.03.2019
87 Prime Minister: It is necessary to intensify Turkic-Speaking States’ economic cooperation 13.03.2019
88 Iranian minister of economic affairs and finance to visit Azerbaijan 13.03.2019
89 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Tajikistan has discussed UNOPS investment attraction issues 12.03.2019
90 The 10th session of Turkmen – Kazakh Intergovernmental committee to be held in Astana on March 10 - 13 12.03.2019
91 President of Pakistan receives Ambassador of Uzbekistan 12.03.2019
92 Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan mooted special cross-border trade area development 12.03.2019
93 Turkmen – Pakistani foreign ministry consultation and number of bilateral meetings to be held in Islamabad on March 11 – 13 11.03.2019
94 ECO to help to Kish Island tourism: KFTZ chief 11.03.2019
95 FMs of Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan discuss bilateral relations by telephone 11.03.2019
96 Azerbaijan supporting rail project in Rasht- Astara in Iran 08.03.2019
97 Pakistan wants to enhance trade with Iran 08.03.2019
98 Turkic Council member states to sign MoU on co-op in customs sphere 08.03.2019
99 The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan met advisor to the President of Afghanistan 07.03.2019
100 Dzhumabekov: Kyrgyzstan attaches special importance to the development of relations with Kazakhstan 07.03.2019
101 Turkish parliament speaker visits Azerbaijani Parliament 07.03.2019
102 Azerbaijan, Iran discuss economic cooperation prospects 07.03.2019
103 Hisarcıklıoğlu attended international chambers of commerce meetings in Egypt 06.03.2019
104 Head of EU Delegation to Turkmenistan, Mr.Christian Berger has meetings at a number of ministries 06.03.2019
105 Iran to import livestock from Kazakhstan 06.03.2019
106 Iran, Azerbaijan agree on banking cooperation 06.03.2019
107 Topical issues of Tajik-Kyrgyz cooperation discussed in Khujand 06.03.2019
108 Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan met Tajikistan`s Ambassador 06.03.2019
109 Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan met Secretary General of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States (Turkic Council) 05.03.2019
110 Hisarcıklıoğlu attended the EU-Turkey High-Level Economic Dialogue Meeting 05.03.2019
111 Osh City to develop trade, economic ties with cities of Pakistan 05.03.2019
112 Turkey- Iran Economic Development Conference convene in Erzurum 05.03.2019
113 The telephone conversation between the Presidents of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan Republic 01.03.2019
114 Negotiations were held between representatives of civil aviation of Turkmenistan and the Republic of Turkey 01.03.2019
115 Iran, Pakistan to expand cooperation in agriculture, livestock trade 01.03.2019
116 On Uzbekistan – Kazakhstan political consultations 28.02.2019
117 Meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan 28.02.2019
118 Kyrgyz-Turkish cooperation in migration policy discussed in Ankara 28.02.2019
119 Azerbaijan, Kazakh railway authorities discuss cooperation 28.02.2019
120 ZAO Euro Asia 2005 is the winner at the International Exhibition for Food, Beverages and Food Raw Materials Prodexpo 2019 26.02.2019
121 Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan government delegations made 25.02.2019
122 Kyrgyz, Turkish interior ministers discuss topical issues of bilateral cooperation 22.02.2019
123 Iran-Pakistan rail track to be upgraded on priority basis 22.02.2019
124 TOBB and The Investment Promotion and Protectıon Agency  of The Kyrgyz Republic Signed Cooperation Agreement 21.02.2019
125 President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov sums up the outcomes of Turkmen – Afghan talks 21.02.2019
126 Azerbaijan, Turkey hail bilateral relations 21.02.2019
127 The Head of the State approves the composition of the Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan Business Council from Turkmen side 20.02.2019
128 Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to set up Energy Cooperation Council 20.02.2019
129 FMs of Kyrgyzstan and Iran discuss cooperation within international organizations 19.02.2019
130 Kyrgyz-Uzbek cooperation in civil aviation discussed in Tashkent 19.02.2019
131 Azerbaijan, Turkey hail their friendship as indestructible 19.02.2019
132 Turkmenistan expects official visit of Afghan president 18.02.2019
133 “Arbitration is a must-have for doing business” 18.02.2019
134 President Ghani Discusses Economic Cooperation, Peace Process With Uzbek Foreign Minister 15.02.2019
135 Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan sign MoU on wheat trade 15.02.2019
136 Exhibition LOGIX-2019 was held from January 31 to February 2, 2019, New Delhi, India. 15.02.2019
137 Kyrgyz Ambassador Dzhunusov meets head of customs committee of Uzbekistan 14.02.2019
138 Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan develop multifaceted cooperation 14.02.2019
139 Social and economic strategy of Turkmenistan meets the Sustainable Development Goals 13.02.2019
140 Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan sign memorandum of cooperation in agriculture for 2019 13.02.2019
141 New Kazakhstan Representative to ECO Presents his Credentials to the Secretary General 12.02.2019
142 Uzbekistan delegation visited Washington 12.02.2019
143 The New Turkish Ambassador Presented His Letter of Crecedence to the ECO Secretary General 12.02.2019
144 Kyrgyz, Uzbek entrepreneurs discuss priority areas for further cooperation 12.02.2019
145 Turkish Ambassador, Governor of Osh Oblast Discuss Construction of Airport, Park, School 11.02.2019
146 Real sector met with bankers in Ankara 08.02.2019
147 Tashkent hosts negotiations on Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Uzbekistan and the European Union 08.02.2019
148 Kyrgyz FM and Turkmenistan ambassador discuss enhancing Kyrgyz-Turkmen cooperation 08.02.2019
149 Meeting with the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan 07.02.2019
150 Iran, Pakistan to open new border gates for bilateral trade: Envoy 06.02.2019
151 Turkmenistan is preparing to hold the First Caspian Economic Forum 06.02.2019
152 Collective efforts needed between Iran, Pakistan for peace, stability: Pak Dy Spkr 05.02.2019
153 Uzbekistan delegation attended the meeting of the International Contact Group for Afghanistan 04.02.2019
154 Almaty hosts meeting of Turkic Council countries’ ministers in charge of ICT 04.02.2019
155 New Ambassador of Turkey in Uzbekistan 01.02.2019
156 Iranian Ambassador: Kyrgyzstan is one of the priority countries for us in the field of bilateral cooperation 01.02.2019
157 Hisarcıklıoğlu attended the EUROCHAMBRES Extraordinary Members Meeting 01.02.2019
158 Draft programmes of profile development are reviewed at the session of the Government 01.02.2019
159 Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan met Kyrgyz Minister of Economy 31.01.2019
160 President of Uzbekistan H.E. Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with investment projects 31.01.2019
161 Minister of Economy of Kyrgyz Republic Visited TOBB in Ankara 31.01.2019
162 Iranian Vice President H.E. Mohammad Nahavandian met TOBB President M.Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu 30.01.2019
163 TOBB President M.Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu Met the President of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture 30.01.2019
164 Trade turnover of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan almost double to $ 481 mn in 2018 29.01.2019
165 Social Security Treaty between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey ratified 29.01.2019
166 Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan intend to increase joint production 29.01.2019
167 Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs met in Tashkent 28.01.2019
168 First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan Ilkhom Nematov met with the Ambassador of Turkmenistan 28.01.2019
169 Heads of border areas of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan discuss cooperation 28.01.2019
170 The President of Kyrgyz Republic H.E Sooronbay Jeenbekov met TOBB President Mr. Hisarcıklıoğlu 28.01.2019
171 Hisarcıklıoğlu visited Turkish Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Fırat 25.01.2019
172 Turkey Economic Council held at TOBB with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan 23.01.2019
173 Hisarcıklıoğlu attended the COMCEC National Coordination Committee Meeting 23.01.2019
174 Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan begin negotiations on duty-free deliveries of oil and oil products 21.01.2019
175 Balkh-Istanbul & Europe air corridor inaugurated 21.01.2019
176 Karshi hosted Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan negotiations on interstate border 18.01.2019
177 Turkmen leader and the World Customs Organization Secretary General exchange the visions of future partnership 18.01.2019
178 Kyrgyz Ambassador to Uzbekistan visits to Jizzakh region 17.01.2019
179 First meeting of the Uzbek-Indian Business Council will be held in Ahmedabad 16.01.2019
180 Azerbaijan, World Customs Organization discuss cooperation issues 16.01.2019
181 The delegation of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce visited TOBB Secretary General Mustafa Saraçöz 16.01.2019
182 FMs of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan discuss prospects for bilateral cooperation 14.01.2019
183 Kyrgyz and Uzbek FMs discuss topical issues of bilateral relations 14.01.2019
184 Uzbek-Kyrgyz trade turnover increases over 11 months of last year 14.01.2019
185 New Appointment in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rep. Uzbekistan 14.01.2019
186 Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Tajikistan met KOTRA Deputy Commercial Attaché 10.01.2019
187 Kyrgyz FM, Ambassador of Pakistan discuss prospects for development of bilateral relations 08.01.2019
188 Iran, Pakistan agree to enhance trade ties 07.01.2019
189 Now`s the time to boost Pakistan-Turkey trade volume: PM Khan 04.01.2019
190 President Ilham Aliyev received delegation led by Turkish minister of agriculture and forestry 03.01.2019
191 Uzbekistan interested in opening car production in Kyrgyzstan 03.01.2019
192 Hisarcıklıoğlu and Minister of Trade Pekcan consult with business community on the economy 03.01.2019
193 Welcoming Ceremony of the First Consigment via Lapis Lazuli Route 03.01.2019
194 On telephone conversation of the President of Uzbekistan with the President of Kyrgyzstan 31.12.2018
195 President Ilham Aliyev received delegation led by Turkish interior minister 28.12.2018
196 Asia Development Bank appoints new country director for Uzbekistan 28.12.2018
197 Phone Conversation with President of Turkmenistan and President of Kyrgyz Republic 28.12.2018
198 Turkmenistan supports initiative to create Modal Highway for Central Asia with access to Turkey 28.12.2018
199 Shavkat Mirziyoyev to be awarded with the Honorary Golden Badge “For Services to the Trade Union Movement” 26.12.2018
200 The President of Turkmenistan outlines the main objectives of foreign policy of the country 26.12.2018
201 During the 25th Executive Committee Meeting of ECO CCI; the memorandum of cooperation between the ECO CCI and the Turkic Business Council was signed. 25.12.2018
202 New Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industryof the Republic of Tajikistan `Dzumakhonzoda  Dzamshed  Dzurakhon` 25.12.2018
203 The XIII Kazakhstan forum of corporate lawyers started in Almaty, co-organized by the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs `Atameken`. 25.12.2018
204 ECO CCI Specialized Committee Meetings 25.12.2018
205 “We aim to increase the bilateral trade volume with Iran to $30 billion” 24.12.2018
206 “Islamic Cooperation Organization countries must be economically strong” 21.12.2018
207 Hisarcıklıoğlu met with council members at information seminar 21.12.2018
208 Hisarcıklıoğlu attended the 9th Turkish Export Products Fair 21.12.2018
209 Call on Balkan countries to increase trade and investments 21.12.2018
210 ECO CCI Presented Its Activity Report and New Page in 29th RPC Meeting in Tehran 20.12.2018
211 The 25th Executive Committee Meeting of ECO CCI was held in Tashkent 19.12.2018
212 The 5th High Level Working Group Meeting regarding Privatization and Private Sector Development & 6th Meeting of ECO Heads of Privatization Administrations 05.12.2018
213 Turkish Vice President Met the FPCCI Delegation in Istanbul 05.12.2018
214 TOBB President Mr. Hisarcıklıoğlu re-elected CACCI Vice President 05.12.2018
215 ECO CCI Secretary General Organized a visit to Dushanbe 05.12.2018
216 ECO CCI Secretary General Visit toChamber of Commerce and Industry of Republic of Uzbekistan 05.12.2018
217 ECO CCI Secretary General Visit to ATAMEKEN 05.12.2018
218 ECO CCI Secretary General Visit to National Member Chambers, Business Associations and State Organizations in Kyrgyz Republic. 05.12.2018
219 ECO CCI Secretary General Visit to National Member Chambers, Business Associations in Azerbaijan 05.12.2018
220 25th Executive Committee of ECO CCI will be held in Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan 12-14 December 2018 05.12.2018
221 H.E. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov receives TOBB president 13.11.2018
222 ECO CCI in Turkmenistan Media 31.10.2018
223 ECO CCI President Sent Message to Participants of TAPI Conference in Istanbul 31.10.2018
224 Energy projects in Turkmenistan and ECO Region discussed in Istanbul 23.10.2018
225 “Role of TAPI Gas Pipeline & Energy Projects for the ECO Region’s Development” Conference and b2b meetings on 16 October 2018 in Istanbul 05.10.2018
226 Turkish Speaking Entrepreneurs convened at TOBB 04.10.2018
227 Hisarcıklıoğlu met with German investors 03.10.2018
228 6th FPCCI’s Achievement Awards Ceremony in Karachi 02.10.2018
229 Hisarcıklıoğlu Moderated the Meeting with Kazakhstan’s President H.E. N. Nazarbayev 02.10.2018
230 New Pakistani Ambassador Visit to ECO Secretary General 02.10.2018
231 FPCCI urged upon the Goverment of Pakistan 02.10.2018
232 Turkmenistan’s Mahtumkulu Piraki Day and Meeting Turkmenistan Ambassador in Ankara 01.10.2018
233 Astana Finance Center Meeting in Istanbul 01.10.2018
234 Hisarcıklıoğlu in talks in the US 28.09.2018
235 Hisarcıklıoğlu participated in the 9th Turkey Investment Conference 28.09.2018
236 Delhi will host an Indian-Uzbek business forum and a national exhibition of Uzbekistan 28.09.2018
237 ECO CCI Attended to National Day of Republic of Tajikistan 27.09.2018
238 Visit to Ambassador of Pakistan in Ankara 27.09.2018
239 The farewell ceremony for outgoing ECO Secretary General 25.09.2018
240 ECO CCI Visit to Turkmenistan 25.09.2018
241 New ECO secretary general elected 25.09.2018
242 Mr. Azrakhsh Hafizi, Selected As new president of ECO Chamber of Commerce and Industries 25.09.2018
243 Meeting with Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry 25.09.2018
244 ECO CCI President Mr. Azrakhsh Haizi Visited ECO CCI Secretariat in Istanbul 25.09.2018